Education is at the core of every progress since we exist. March is the time when most of the universities in Europe are already in the middle of the yaer so the topic of the educational systems is quite hot now. There are many famous educational systems that use Drupal and the way they manage to automate their processes by using Drupal is remarkable.

We start with Harvard University - on of the most elite and famous universities worldwide. Their web platform is rich in various functionalities that serve different university goals. The vast database of different types of news and information related to the university is on levels and subdivisions, distributed through a structure that allows the user to find the necessary information with minimum clicks.

Stanford Graduate School of Business is the next major name in the field of education, which uses Drupal's tech solutions in organizing its platform. This is the platform that takes care of organizing the online training, provided by the university. The University of Oxford, located in the United Kingdom, is another great name in the field of education that has used Drupal to create the Web site. There are even more universities that use Drupal such as Brown University, Bentley University, The American University of Paris, University of Chicago, George Washington University and many other educational institutions in Europe and around the world.


But why did these big educational institutions choose Drupal? The easy and well-organized content management is the key to the answer. All of those educational institutions provide a large amount of content for different audiences that need to be very well structured in order to be scalable. Also Drupal is flexible enough to answer the needs of any additional integrations that the departments might need. The platform is highly accessible and easy to manage for both the developers that build the site and the students that use the site as a platform. Those factors make it so preferable to the educational institutions.

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Tue, 03/20/2018 - 15:23