For each website, functionality is very important. It is also quite important to have a responsive design, a great view, and excellent customer experience. But to each website what's behind the appearance is not less important than the attractive look. Some of the main components that give power to the business to reach its goals are the SEO optimization, which actually makes your site easily discoverable amongst the competition, and the well-established security of the platform that protects the data of your customer and business. Fortunately, Drupal is a platform that is a premier partner in delivering a good performance in both of these important components.


SEO optimization is not just content.


Talking about SEO, we can not fail to mention the uniqueness of the content as a basic prerequisite for web sites to be more discoverable. It would be quite easy to create unique content and in this way to ensure the first palce of our site in Google, but that is not enough.

Practice shows that the good content it is not enough and without the good technical support and good SEO optimization, it doesn't  matter how unique your information is. Drupal is a platform that provides good opportunities for everyone to take advantage of the platform's SEO tools to be among the first. One of the most interesting tools is The Drupal SEO Checklist. It uses best practices to check your website for proper search engine optimization. It makes a site checker and explains which additional modules to improve SEO should be installed and how to configure.

The tool is extremely powerful because it checks whether the modules are installed and configured correctly.


SEO for Drupal can offer the best performance in case you use some specific modules. The module Meta Tags controls the meta tag information and a Pathauto module automatically generates alias URLs based on a set of configurable patterns. The sitemap can be created easily by The XML Sitemap module. Тhere are three more modules that we want to pay special attention to. The first one is the SEO Compliance Checker module that contains three parts: basic SEO, keywords, and compliance. The basic SEO part helps by pointing out to the missing content like any image, alt or tags. The keyword part can check the keywords and verify the usage in the node, which helps when you need to make strong content for the search engines. Also, the compliance submodule can be helpful by checking the SEO best-practices.


Drupal also has a Drupal SEO Tools module that is a great module that integrates a special kit of tools for search engine reporting, analysis, and optimization tools into your website by combining and integrating analytics reports, keywords, content, links, titles, tags, paths, redirects, sitemaps, and webmaster tools.


The third module is the great Content Optimizer. It analyzes the nodes and provides statistics and recommendations for the content of each node. You can install and configure the module easily to increase your site’s search engine rankings.

All those modules are only part of the options that Drupal provides for improving the performance of your business in the search engines. That is one of the superpowers of Drupal that is growing thanks to the community that supports more and more modules.


The cybersecurity - the issue we just can't ignore.


Talking about superpowers, we have to admit that Drupal is a secure open-source platform with powerful tools that can easily track the possible security problems. It is not an incident that leading corporations, brands, and governments  rely on the security of the platform. Drupal's core code base is very stable and secure. It is supported by numerous contributed modules which provide control of the sessions, the password complexity and the good strength of the security of the logging and auditing functions.

The module for the password policy and the module of password generator are some of the most used and downloaded modules which can provide excellent functionalities in order to protect the data of the user. With modules as the Security Review Module, you can get reports of the errors and possible mistakes. With modules like Security Kit, you can lower your risks of the possible web application weaknesses.  

There are many other modules that can help you secure your platform and protect your business because nowadays it is essential for any business to take care of the security of its data and thanks to the constant development of the Drupal platform, it is always up to date for the new business requirements.

Do you want to know more about the way you can protect your website and use the full capacity of the SEO optimization? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional developers can help you and upgrade your platform or make a new one, able to fit all your expectations.

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