It is time to report that Drupal Version 8.5.0 is now available and free to install by anyone who uses Drupal 8. Before testing the new update, however, we would like to draw attention to the speech of Dries Buytaert in September 2017 at DrupalCon Vienna, in which, the founder of Drupal reported the results of the Drupal agencies’ research. According to his research, most of them already use Drupal 8 (38%) while there are still not many of them that also use Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 (50%). A small percentage only uses Drupal 7 (12%). But why Drupal 8 is so preferred and what are benefits for your online business by using it?

What changed with Drupal 8?

First of all Drupal 8 was created with improvements demanded by developers who work intensively with the platform.

Drupal 8 was provided twice as strong as Drupal 7. Its core has 1.5 reports of 3,500 people, with thousands of modules available, making the  Drupal community more than 1 million in the world and one of the world's leading communities.

Drupal 8 was divided into various initiatives. One of them is that the Drupal allows you to develop without frontend and still build great digital experiences. Another major change is that Symphony 2 is used and Symphony users can use it on their backdrop. This gives more security and better architecture.


Why is change so recommended for your online business?


With the final version of Drupal 8, the user and the client have a new interface, which makes it much easier to create content and also has inline editing. The content can be changed directly in the frontend into the site without entering in backend editing. There are also significant changes as:


- Drupal 8 is with a Mobile First concept, which means you can use Drupal 8 and manage the content from every single device.


- There are improvements in the blocks and because the blocks are at the core of every process in Drupal, the improvement is at every stage.

- There are new entity drives. Blocks are also entities. Which means that we can also put fields in the blocks.

- Drupal 8 has a new display, form display, which determines not only what the content for the final sense looks like, but also what the content looks like when it is created as a content editor.


- There are improvements to new fields that are in default with tags that could be read not only by users but also by search engines.


- Changes of the views platform to the platform that allows to customizing: admin listings, sidebar content, image galleries, slideshows and REST output with no lines of code.


- Multi-video improvements- Drupal is already used in 181 languages and everything in the content is translatable.


- Configuration management. Allows configuration management of the entire site


Drupal is content management software. Thousands of websites are made with Drupal every day. It is your responsibility to use the best platform for your online business. With the new standard features like easy content managing and great performance and excellent security, we admit that Drupal 8 is the better tool for the business nowadays

Mar 13, 2018 By Marina Savyovska