Project management is a difficult task. In the field of information technology, it usually happens in an extremely competitive environment for talent hiring; winning the right customers and working on a great, but challenging projects. The constant growth of the company itself may require additional resources to train new developers. Still, at the heart of any successful project always lies a successful team and also a successfully managed team. But what makes the team great and how to find the best developers for your projects? Here are some tips from our practice.

Technical skills or soft skills?

When selecting or even hiring a specialist for a Drupal project, it is important to pay attention to few important details. Each person from the team must have not only excellent technical knowledge of the various language tools that can build the web platform but also great communication skills. This is an important requirement and is the essence of every major project because the interaction with the colleagues depends on the soft skills.

Problems solving skills.

Drupal is specific and challenging even for the best team leaders because it can offer many ways to solve one problem. You have to know that the people on your team are not afraid to take actions and decision at the right time. They have to do their research and act without wasting too much time in discussions and thinking.

Communication is the way.

Good communication is the other important factor that keeps every project successful. But what is meant by communication in project management? First, it must be a two-way communication between the manager and the developers. A feedback in both directions and constant encouragement of the people to think about the teamwork also contributes to the project management. There must be no limits to ask questions that would solve problems. Access to any important information that concerns the project all the time would also safe time for discussions that can solve problems.

The proactive approach to the situations is a must for any Drupal team. The ability to predict the problem and act before it is already there or the effort to fix bugs before they get more and duplicate are valuable traits of any developer and wanted by any manager.

The Key is the Team.

Taking care of the people in the team is reasonable and of course duty to every manager. No manager must allow any option for his developer to overwork till burnout. Encouragement of the good work-life balance is also a great way to increase the motivation of the people that work for the company.

Invest in people, allow them to attend courses and pay attention to the weaknesses and the strengths of your team to work on them. Once you take care of your team, even the most challenging projects would be easy to work on.

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Marina Savyovska
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Wed, 03/07/2018 - 10:54