Drupal is known as one of the strongest content management systems that provide quality and access even to the people that are not aware how to use the programming languages.

With Drupal, it is easy to create and manage your content on all possible devices at any time. For the marketers, it is even easier to operate with Drupal as the system is very well organized. Here are some tips on how can the marketers use the full potential of Drupal for their marketing goals and strategies.


Take advantage of the flexibility.

Drupal is one of the easiest platforms for content management

You can create Pages, Blog entries, Stories, Books and Polls with Content Construction Kit, add FAQs and Testimonials whenever you need. You can easily manage your content marketing by adding many bloggers and users with different functions. It is convenient and easy to manage the roles of the different people involved in the content developing.

You can even add more flexibility and functionality by using different modules, plugins, and extensions, created for improving the SEO.


Use the power of design.

The product design is essential to any business. As an open source platform, Drupal will be able to achieve any design goals you have. There are many beautiful Drupal themes and you can use any of them or make your own design. In both cases, you can design and arrange your content, attract the customers and easily draw their attention to the content you want them to read.


Use the SEO tools for Drupal.

Drupal is quite friendly to all the SEO practices and provides many tools for making the optimization better. Actually, it is proven to be one of the strongest of the platforms. Even if you do not know which tools you need to use, Drupal Seo Checklist can help you. It uses best practices to check your website for proper search engine optimization and makes reports of what was done. Drupal Seo Checklist defines which additional modules you need to install in order to improve the SEO optimization of your website.


The modules for content marketing.

Drupal can handle the high traffic and even help accomplish it by some of the modules. For example, the Search 404 module helps the customers to be redirected from error page directly to a page with search results, which minimizes the bounce range caused by error pages. The Meta Tag Module is optimized for better search results and is one of the preferred modules for good SEO optimization. Creating a sitemap is essential for any website that needs to be indexed by all of the search engines and the Module XML Sitemap is perfect for this purpose.


Security as a key to the success.

Content marketing needs a  reliable base to operate and Drupal's core code base is very stable and secure. Security is one of the main reasons why companies choose one platform over another and Drupal has all the prepositions to be one of the most preferred platforms that can cope with the security challenges. It is supported by numerous contributed modules which provide control of the sessions, the password complexity and the good strength of the security of the logging and auditing functions.


The Drupal community did a lot to make the platform easy to use and manage by any content marketer. All you need to do is to organize, strategize, plan your content and deliver it to the right right audience effortlessly. Take advantage of all the modules Drupal provides for best results. Because if the content is the king of any website on Drupal than Drupal is the kingdom that provides all the tools you might need for better customer experience.

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Marina Savyovska
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Thu, 04/26/2018 - 16:02