The Events

This year, there are 80 Drupal events planned. Might be even more, but not less. 80 camps, conferences and official meetings all over the world. They are all organized because of and thanks to the Drupal community. Events make it possible for the members to know each other and exchange knowledge, find inspiration for the next Drupal project and know-how in business development. But events are only one of the main instruments the community uses to drive Drupal forward. Why the platform is so successful and what is going on behind the pure coding?


Communication tools

The key is in the communication and when it comes to the Drupal community, the communication is provided in three main ways: chatting, attending Drupal events and interacting with others via the social media.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a fast and effective way to ask questions and find answers from the community. You can also use Slack here in the same manner. Chat is the easiest way to find an opinion and to give one.
Besides the networking and sharing inspiration for the projects, the events provide a good environment for finding partners in initiatives regarding the improvement of the platform. Most of the improvements and most of the new integrations in Drupal, especially in Drupal 8 are made after and thanks to the feedback of the developers, suggestions from the community and even directly modifying the imperfections that were found. So the events are essential in building the platform the way we know it now.

Social Media

The social media is now known as one of the best connection platforms for the developers. There are many accounts you can follow for news from the community. Drupal Twitter and Facebook are well known, but you can also check the Twitter of the Drupal Association, the DrupalCon Twitter and Facebook, the Drupal Security Twitter, and the Drupal Infrastructure Twitter. The Drupal Subreddit community is impressive because it has more than 6000 discussing the new features and other Drupal-related topics.

The instruments for communicating within the Drupal community may vary and the result is just more than good. Drupal 8 is the best Drupal platform that had been made so far and the success is due to the suggestions of the users and improvements based on their experience. Now it is easier than ever to report a problem or to suggest a feature. Members of the community can create a bug report if there is any problem or comment on any existing issues. It is all possible thanks to page "Reporting a problem" and page "Use the issue queue".

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