Online trading is one of the most dynamic business fields in the recent years. People started to visit online trading sites more often and besides looking for discounts and bonuses they are also searching for personalized experience by visiting e-commerce sites. That's why every owner has to build on his knowledge and of course, upgrade the possibilities of his online shop. This is the way, he can manage the positive consumer experience, which can lead to additional sales and satisfied customers.


Using Drupal Commerce is an excellent way to bring more traffic to your online shop and to enhance the digital user experience. This is possible due to the many different tools and features the platforms provides. In this article, we will point out part of the most useful features and advantages that Drupal Commerce provides as a business solution.


Google algorithms change quite often but what stays as a priority when finding sites, is the content of the websites. This is how we get to the first and most important instrument that makes Drupal Commerce so effective for online shopping.


Excellent content management system

Drupal Commerce provides content management system on such a high level that can cover any aspect of the search engines requirements. This aspect of the content organization contributes Drupal Commerce to be a powerful online marketing platform that proves the system as one of the preffered on the market. With so intensive competition in the field of online shopping now is more important than ever whether your content is well organized or not. With Drupal Commerce, this is not an issue for you to worry about.


Useful features you can use in Drupal Commerce

The features and modules you can use in Drupal Commerce are dedicated to better business management for you as a seller and for better customer experience for the buyer. They make the whole process easier, and faster. Besides the core modules, there are  beautiful themes and looks of the shopping cart, available order history in the customer profile, email notifications for any action the customer makes, payment and shipping plugins, features for creating taxes, discounts and generating invoices when requested and more.


Drupal Commerce was created to address the needs of the market.

That's why you can find flexible payment modes with multiple gateways. You can also highlight the most popular and best-selling products and you can control the website analytics, SEO and conversion rate optimization by only one system which makes the whole process faster and easier. The tools for order management also allows you to view, update and manage all the orders you have on any device you need to.


You can engage your customers.

There are many ways to encourage your customers to talk about your products online. Drupal has all the tools needed for this kind of content marketing. You can encourage your users to leave reviews and comments, to rate the products via five-star rating and to share articles or products on the social media platforms.


Drupal Commerce is open source platform which means it is faster, cheaper, more innovative and secure. Drupal is a brilliant platform with extremely well-established functionality, plugins, module and other features suitable for both small online shops and big enterprise websites.

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