Аs the market demands more and more and the technology is moving faster and with higher speed, we need to know how to adapt fast and define our brand communication better, according to the target we need to reach.

According to the neuromarketing science, every single brand provokes in the customers’ head different thoughts and emotions.

That is why when defining the content we need to address, first, we need to know how our customer makes decisions to buy a product.


The way customers react to the brands


Brands convey messages that fit precisely to the selected target group of their target and make their hearts beat faster with a result that specifically these people decide to buy the item. Everyone else can be ignored by the brand. That's how it works in B2C, but in B2B such segmentation in the target group is challenging, because of the target is made of many different people with different functions and ways of thinking. How then can a brand appeal to all these different people on an emotional level?  80 percent of our decisions are made on autopilot and unconscious and we are not thinking about it. So the reaction of the brain when we see a brand is immediate - good or not good - we do not think about it. We have to understand how our brain is working, which emotional system is in our brain, how important is it and which one is more important to us.


The reward system


Every decision is based on our emotions and depends on our reward system. There are 4 types of emotional reward systems that affect the way the brain reacts to the brand communications: Autonomy is the first one and it is when people ask themselves: Will this brand make me stronger, more successful than others?. The second type is Excitement and it is when people recognize the brand as a way to discover new things. People who look for safety and reliable it may be not so important - they are in the third group where Certainty is a priority. There is also a group that cares more about the care and the support and need a harmony in the social life. We call it the group of Care/Support.

So we have to adjust our brand communication to the reward system of the customers. On the internet is complex but not impossible.


When is content the king?


Everything starts with the content we create. After it is created we can position it in our campaigns. Once we use it, we can measure how it affects the brains and after the measurement, we can create a profile of the user. And also we can provide to the user the right experience according to his profile. We need to optimize our communication and go a step further. Using the Drupal platform allows us to know what the user is looking at, how much and one we create his emotional profile, we can synchronize all the information and we can create a face of the company which allows us a one to one communication.

Integrated Marketing Communications for Successful Marketing


Communication synchronization is what makes the image of the brand strong and sustainable. Online presence must be synchronized with the overall marketing strategy to reduce the risk of conflicting messages. Then integrated marketing communications achieve a result that is valid even in the long run between campaigns. Online marketers of each brand should take special care as part of the overall strategy of each company.


Trio Group is a company with over 20 years of experience in integrated marketing communications. Based on our experience, we have chosen to help our customers in the field of branding using one of the most innovative CMS systems in the world Drupal. For each marketing agency, it is important to have a tool that allows work in the field of advertising, sales, direct marketing and high-level PR. Drupal  is a strong and powerful tool that helps online communication seamlessly and covers all possible channels and tools to reach the end user such as:

  • Social media channels
  • Email marketing tools: Constant Contact & Chimp
  • Excellent for SEO
  • Google Analytics, Omniture & PPC
  • Marketing automation tools: Act-on, Marketo & HubSpot
  • Web Analytics: Google Analytics, Omniture & PPC
  • Ease to develop and manage microsites and easy to manage content without programming
  • Cloud-ready and responsive and many more

In marketing, buying is important, but not only when it is a one-time act, but when it is regular and leads to loyalty. Loyalty is built when consumers learn and feel by emotional engagement. The listed tools are important because they enable the message to be properly integrated into the media environment and customer needs, creating brand awareness and a sense of loyalty to it.


The combined use of communication tools enables managers to combine them so that they complement each other. This increases the overall impact on audiences, and this is useful, even in low-budget campaigns, because the advertiser's objective service is guaranteed.

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